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Cheers to the good vibes

20 May - From 6 PM to 6 AM

SanFest is an open-air music festival in the north of Albania.

Properly Organized

Expect a rigorous event that takes care of all your needs, so you can have a blast. You will find a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Be prepared to be amazed by stunning locations and views. 

Selected Music

Carefully selected sets of artists to guarantee extended entertainment. From international artists to the best local DJs. Curated playlists and a great opportunity for a new musical experience.

House Rules

We welcome people from anywhere as long as you are open minded and willing to respect each other. Enjoy the moment, feel free to party, make memories and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. 

Last event was mind blowing

Carefully organized in a hidden gem location with selected artists to play a wide range of quality music and an overall great croud.  Friendly locals and a welcoming atmosphere. It definitely surpassed all expectations. 

Shkodra County, Albania

A Gem in the Balkans

Shkodra is the second largest city of Albania and one of the oldest, offering a rich archaeological and cultural heritage. Located between the albanian alps and the beautiful lake of Shkodra, it offers a diverse set of picturesque locations.

The city lays next to the lake, is sorrounded by 3 rivers, is 2 hours away from the mountains and 45 min from the beach. This makes Shkodra the perfect gateway for your next adventure.

About Location

The location is ever changing therefore it is specified days prior to the event.

Uncertain Special Locations

You can consider the location as the theme of SanFest. We scout around for unspoiled stunning places to deliver a unique experience of music and nature.

The open-air music festival of the Albanian north. Cheers to the good vibes!